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A Bangladeshi Muslim shopkeeper was robbed beaten & hospitalised in Whitechapel

anon | 27.06.2010 03:31 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

A Tower Hamlets community activist was badly beaten, robbed and hospitalised on Wednesday following an England football match by a group of drunken thugs who had been drinking in a pub in Whitechapel Road. Afsar Khan Sadek was so badly beaten he was hospitalised and could not speak. He was then mistreated by the police who seemed to find what happened amusing and who were insensitive.

The police have said that no arrests have been made and that they "are satisfied that the racists attack on the Muslim man had nothing to do with EDL incidents ealier in the week".

Today the EDL again went to Whitechapel following a day in Trafalgar Square where they had gone for Armed Forces Day. They were escorted out by police who for some reason had let them go there in the first place.

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