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Critical Mass London, England 25th June 2010.

Doug | 27.06.2010 14:30 | Climate Chaos | Repression | Social Struggles


One arrest with loads of cops and several drivers trying to physically intimidate corkers by nosing into them with horns blazing.

The ride started heading South and then changed its mind and went North over Waterloo Bridge, along the Strand and into Whitehall. Arriving at Parliament Square, greetings were exchanged between CM and the Democracy villagers, who have been camped out opposite Parliament for two months now. We then headed for Buckingham Palace and made several circuits there. The Queen didn't seem to mind but drivers did.

Then up to Wellington Arch. along Park Lane and back down again finally arriving at Piccadilly Circus and doing a bike lift there. Then heading East towards the impromptu destination, the Foundry squat which is facing eviction. On the way there a rider was arrested and the police turned up with an estimated 30 vehicles, and they caused a lengthy traffic delay.

There were several reports of drivers deliberately ramming cyclists. I saw one woman cyclist knocked to the ground by a taxi. but the police don't seem at all interested in such things.

Apart from the incidents it was a very happy ride indeed.



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