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Audio from Autonomous Speakers at G20 demo

militant worker | 29.03.2009 21:51 | G20 London Summit | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Audio from the autonomous speakers who spoke after the G20 demonstration in London.

It's not the best recording, but should be audible. Thanks for speaking!!

militant worker


The Catapaults

29.03.2009 23:43

Twice in the audio the catapaults are referred to - Ian Bone on what happened


Independent misreports rally

31.03.2009 01:11

In the last paragraph of this report, the Independent says:

"Speaking after the Put People First march in Hyde Park, London, on Saturday, an unidentified member of an anarchy group told a crowd: "We want to see resistance on the street on Wednesday. If the police are ready for you, GO AND fight them. If they're not, give them a surprise."

In actual fact what was said was this:

""And we want resistance on the streets, when I say resistance on the
streets thats exactly what I mean. If we're kicked around we should
fight back. But don't fight the police till you can beat them. When
they're ready for you DON'T fight them. When they're not ready for
you, give them a surprise."
at about 20:33 into the audio

While their version is obviously a bit more salacious, one can only wonder if they deliberately misreported it.

I have just emailed them - lets see if they make a correction......

You just can't trust the corporate media. however 'Independent' it claims to be........

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