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Mayday Cricket Vs The State

Space Hijacker | 27.04.2005 06:33 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

A Mayday Cricket match on Parliament Square

First 11
First 11

Mayday Cricket Match

The Space Hijackers Vs The Members Of Parliament
Sunday 1st May
Parliament Square

The honour and morals of our leaders has been challenged! One month
ago over 600 letters were hand delivered to Parliament challenging
every Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat MP to a game of
cricket on Mayday. Scans of the many replies we received are
available on our website.

Recently the "Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill" has banned any
protest within Parliament square, however, this is not protest, It is

Cucumber sandwiches and tea will be available to all participants and
well dressed spectators. As an Anarchist team, the White Bloc has no
captain, and therefore all interested, and correctly attired, parties
are perfectly entitled to join the match. The only condition is that
players act with dignity and play a good clean game.

Join us on the day to see which of the MP's have the moral fibre to
stand up and be counted on the batting crease. Join us for the match
of the century.

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