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More Asbo abuse

Keith Parkins | 25.04.2005 14:17 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles

The abuse of Asbos continues .....

In Manchester, political activist and council tenant Melvyn Drage has been threatened with an Asbo and eviction for delivering Iraq anti-war leaflets around the neighbourhood.

Peace campaigner Lindis Percy has been threatened with an Asbo for keeping vigil outside Menwith Hill Spy Base. Her 'crime' is that every time a US Army vehicle passes by, she holds up an upside-down US flag. Such is the mental stamina of the tough guys who now enlist in the US Army, her heinous actions cause them severe distress.

Prosecuting for the Crown Prosecution Service, Robert Moore said he did not have to call any witnesses to give evidence in support of the damming application against Lindis. District Judge Roy Anderson said that on the evidence he had heard and looking at the list of convictions Lindis has he did not want to hear any more evidence.

Menwith Hill monitors UK and transatlantic electronic traffic. It is expected to have a leading role in the militarization of Space.

Shareholders, wishing legally to enter the BP AGM and protest at the anti-social actions of BP around the world, were threatened with Asbos and illegally denied access to the AGM.

Mitch Hawkins (no relation to Stephen Hawkins, the international professor of Time, Infinity and Outer Space) runs the 'official' Lyneham Village website. It appears that Andy Humm, who also runs what is claimed to be the 'official' Lyneham Village website, does not like the competition, so he has asked Tory councillor Alison Bucknell to serve an Asbo on Mitch Hawkins, for umm, running a website, which Humm considers to be causing 'damage to the community'.

Other ludicrous Asbos include one on a female for being scantily dressed in her own property, another on a 13-year-old boy for uttering the word 'grass'!

And what is Asbo Concern doing to highlight these travesties of justices, Asbo abuse, unfortunately it seems, not a lot.

When the public sees an Asbo being served they assume that another anti-social little arsehole has got their just deserts. What they fail to realise is the travesties of justice that are taking place, that Asbos are being served on trivial grounds, often on little or no evidence, and too often, to silence political dissent. This is what Asbo Concern should be highlighting, instead they seem to be focusing all their efforts on defending the very people on whom Asbos should be served, those who are making our communities hell.

Mike Lane and his small group of filmmakers, hope to follow up their recent documentary on the destruction of parts of Liverpool with a short documentary on Asbos, both their serving and abuse.

The lastest 'fashion' of teenage thugs is to kick the shit out of complete strangers chosen at random, film the attack on video phones to show off the gang's bravado.


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Keith Parkins