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PIPELINE public transport info

dot | 20.11.2006 00:26 | Ecology | Health | Social Struggles

links to public transport info for anyone wanting to go to the LNG pipeline squat/protest at trebanos/pontardawe.

is a great site and will give you a map and info about buses etc....

the farm is ty'n y pant farm and is on these maps (attached below .... hopefully)

more people are needed urgently to squat and to support (both very important)
this is a fight we can win, very low security and police prescence, very high local support.
"probably the most beautiful action i've ever been involved with".
people especially needed for weekdays as lots of us have mon-fri jobs.
bring warm clothes, wellies, and lots of blankets.
its really nice in the pipe, lovely company and lots of gorgeous food donated by lovely local people.

they still remember the coal miners strikes.
the community is very much on our side.
we need support here and also at any other sites that can be thought of.
so many targets, so few of us,

120 miles of very high pressure gas (from middle east ) running through the only earthquake zone in britain.
dodgy as fuck, many experianced construction workers refused to work on it as it is so dangerous.
they bullied the locals and the council into getting planning permission.
we need to stop this!!!!

love from dot!