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Safe Haven Pipeline Demo update

Greenman | 18.11.2006 10:42 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles | Technology

since thursday a group protesting about lack of safety regulations and public consultation have been blocking the laying of the pipeline right next to the LNG constryction site - they are digging in for the long haul!

Thanks to Schnews newsletter I got down to the demo yesterday afternoon to find 3 OAPS huddled in a tent on the public footpath which runs right through the middle of the massive construction site of the new Milford Haven LNG terminal.

The weather was appalling and they have already roughed it for one night. As soon as they had pitched camp on thursday hordes of cops and officials surrounded them with every manner of arc lights, generators, fenceposts, barbed wire and then packed up and went off to leave the site deserted for the weekend.

The owerwhelming presence of machinery and earthworks seems to blot out the existence of the Safe Haven protest group who are campaigning to have the official Risk Assessment report released for public consultation - apart from the actual pipeline there are grave concerns over the safety of the re-gassification plant. Previous accidents with this kind of technology have been known to produce fireballs of 27 square Km.

They have been trying to raise awareness of the issues ever since the virtaully non-existent public consultation for the Planning of this vast and unnecessary white elephant - which just turns out to be another pet project for the money-spinning Carlyle group [Bush and Saudi Patronage].

They are currently on a public footpath so there may be a struggle to evict them - basically they want to get the Safety report into the public arena and believe that if the facts are known they stand to gain considerable concessions even if the whole thing doesn't get stopped completely.

Any support gratefully appreciated phone 07752 698489 for details

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  1. solidarity — south wales support!!!