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Bliar says 'I protect civil liberties'.....

pirate | 26.02.2006 13:54 | Culture | Repression | Social Struggles | World

In a column in The Observer Feb 26th Bliar reckons he's protecting Civil Liberties in the UK.

Methinks we ALL beg to differ..........,,1718133,00.html


I don't destroy liberties, I protect them

The Observer has published a series of articles on our disappearing freedoms. Here the prime minister defends his government's record

Tony Blair
Sunday February 26, 2006
The Observer

There is a charge, crafted by parts of the right wing and now taken up by parts of the left, that New Labour is authoritarian, in particular, that I am. We are intent on savaging British liberties, locking up those who dissent and we abhor parliamentary or other accountability.
The reason right wingers are keen on this is clear. New Labour has eschewed traditional forms of leftist statism. So the type of claim they used to make about the Attlee or Wilson governments they can't plausibly make about us. Have we become indifferent to liberty? At one level, the charge is easy to debunk. But on another level, there is a serious debate about the nature of liberty in the modern world. I accept the good faith of our critics. I just believe them to be profoundly mistaken.

continues on link..... (if you can stomach any more of this shite...)