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Google Bans Video

X Rated | 26.02.2006 21:10 | Culture | Indymedia | Repression | Social Struggles | World

These pictures were banned from Google video because they were unsuitable. They show what is not appealing and I guess they're right? What do you think? See transcript and video below.


Billboard against Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

Shi Tao 18 Feb 2006 16:20 GMT

Billboard against Google, Yahoo and Microsoft/ Poland/ Sopot/ 15 february 2006

Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist, is serving a ten-year prison sentence in China for sending an email to the USA. He was accused of “illegally providing state secrets to foreign entities” by using his Yahoo email account.

According to the court transcript of the evidence that led to Shi Tao’s sentencing, the US internet company Yahoo provided account-holder information on him.

Shi Tao was accused of sending an email summarizing an internal Communist Party directive to a foreign source. The Communist Party directive had warned Chinese journalists of possible social unrest during the anniversary of the June 4 Movement (in memory of the Tiananmen crackdown), and directed them not to fuel it via media reports.

Imprisoned for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression, a right entrenched in international law and the Chinese Constitution, Shi Tao is considered a Prisoner of Conscience.

Companies must respect human rights, wherever they operate. Yahoo’s business ethics are becoming questionable due to its role in assisting the Chinese government to sentencing Shi Tao. The company has signed the Public Pledge on Self-Discipline for the Internet Industry, effectively agreeing to implement China’s draconian system of censorship and control.

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P.s. ,,Chiny...pamietaj" means ,,Remember about China"


SBS - Dateline on DemocracyNow!
Sydney IMC 18/2/06

Australian Report Reveals More Abu Ghraib Torture Photos, Drawing Public Outrage??In case you don't know DemocracyNow! is a one hour daily 'War and Peace' report. It broadcasts across America and UK on a network of satellite TV and community access TV/radio.

You can also listen to it at via video or audio streaming. It was good to hear Dateline crack it for a mention on the show.

The Abu Ghraib photos and the anti-Muslim “free speech” fraud

Melbourne IMC 19/2/06
by David Walsh

As we can see, these proponents of “Western values” are highly selective about applying the fundamental rights of man, including freedom of speech. In regard to the latter, the formula seems simple: what provokes and demonizes the Muslim peoples, and justifies in advance further wars and occupations, should be published and widely disseminated; what exposes the crimes of American imperialism should be suppressed.

One Thousand a month tortured in Iraq

by Paul Joseph Watson Melb IMC 22/2/06

Dr. John Pace drops a bombshell that translates as a whisper through obscure Maltese paper Proving that Abu Ghraib and Gitmo are the tip of the iceberg, the outgoing UN human rights chief dropped a bombshell when he told an obscure Maltese newspaper that as many as a thousand detainees a month are being tortured to death in Iraq.

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