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ATTN: Commissioner of police of the Metropolis

SteveJ | 05.10.2007 21:57 | SOCPA | Iraq | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Application has been made for return of Brian Haw's display/property, stolen by the met, before Southwark Crown Court.

Open letter, due to safety issues involved with delivering letters to New Scotland Yard (ie henchmen in uniforms with guns arresting peaceful people armed with... ...letters!).

On behalf of Mr Brian W Haw, Parliament Square Peace Campaign, to commissioner:-
Today, 5th October 2007, I hereby serve upon you a copy of an application made under section 59(2) Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, at Southwark Crown Court relating to Mr Brian Haw & Co.'s property stolen by you/your henchmen on 23rd May 2006.

I remind you that you are now required, within 7 days, to (a) notify Mr Haw and the Court officer whether you are making representations and appearing at the hearing; and (b) if you wish to make representations, a WRITTEN (I understand you have problems with reducing things to writing - ie authorisations under SOCPA) statement setting out such representations.

Steven Jago,
for and on behalf of Mr Brian W Haw.

To public:

Brian Haw & Co. would like to re-assure members of the public that protest around Parliament is in fact - not banned - yet - and visitors to the 24/7 "As Long As It Takes" Parliament Square Peace Campaign this Monday, 8th October 2007 are very welcome to see the new banner display before the old one is restored to its former home.

Both Brian and the Burmese protests are continuing on Monday as normal, so you can see both displays while visiting. You will of course also be able to see Mayor ken livingstone's illegal barriers in Parliament Square - an attempt to severely curtail peaceful campaigning.

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