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A call for the self-representations of autonomous projects

sqek | 05.05.2015 20:39 | Free Spaces | Other Press | Social Struggles

call out for infosharing

A call for the self-representations of autonomous projects

The SqEK network of researchers and activists meets in Barcelona, Spain, May 21st to 25th, 2015. We present there an exhibition of posters and information presentations from and about autonomous spaces, from the squatting, occupation and disobedient movements. This show will go on to the USA in September

We call for posters and presentations to be sent by post (please contact for address), or by digital file so that we can print them out on site.

Explain your project -- promote autonomous culture and activism -- network internationally

Produced by the "House Magic" information project on squatted places in collaboration with the Squatting Europe Kollective (SqEK) at L'Ateneu Popular 9barris socio-cultural center in Barcelona; and in New York City in September at ABC No Rio cultural center, and in collaboration with Interference Archives, Brooklyn.

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