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Solidarity with the Protest Movement in Iran

Iran Bulletin editors | 03.07.2009 04:52 | Repression | Social Struggles

TO: All progressive and pro-human rights individuals and organisations
The protest document that follows has been signed by a number of people. The names of a selection are appended. We invite all those who identify with this protest to add their names to the petition. You can do so on the following websites: , or,

The people of Iran who over the last few weeks have shown enormous courage in heroically resisting the repressive measures unleashed on them expect the widest support from all freedom-loving people the world over.
Editors: Middle East Left Forum – (formerly, Iran Bulletin)

Protest against repressions in Iran

In the last few weeks the world has witnessed extensive and savage suppression of peaceful protests of hundreds of thousands of Iranian people triggered off by the blatant theft of the June presidential elections.
The religious despotism ruling the country has responded to the youth, students, women, workers, ethnic minorities, as well as political and social activists, lawyers, journalists, artists, and writers demonstrating in Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, and hundreds of other cities and towns with bullets and batons. Many have been killed, thousands injured and many thousands detained with some under torture. Houses and shops were raided and cars smashed by police, para-military Basij and revolutionary guards.
We the undersigned express our unequivocal solidarity with the people of Iran in their struggle for democracy and freedom. We strongly condemn the brutality of the Iranian regime and demand an immediate stop of all acts of violence against demonstrators and the release of all those detained.
We call on all progressive and pro-human rights individuals and organisations in all the corners of the world to raise their voice against these murderous acts of the Iranian regime against the people of Iran.
June 2009
Signatories (partial list)
Aziz Al Azmeh, Professor, Department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest (Hungary)
Aijaz Ahmad, Writer and Journalist, (India)
Monireh Baradaran, political activist (Germany)
Geof Barr, University of Exeter (UK)
Sohrab Behdad, Professor, Denison University, (USA)
Robert Brecher – University of Brighton (UK)
Terry Brotherstone, University of Aberdeen, Department of History; Past President University and College Union Scotland, (UK)
Andrew Chitty, University of Sussex, (UK)
Noam Chomsky, MIT (USA)
John P. Clark, Gregory Curtin Distinguished Professor of Humane Studies and the Professions Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University New Orleans, (USA)
Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University (USA)
Mehrdad Darvishpour, Stockholm University (Sweden)
Hossien Dowlatabadi, Writer, (France)
Smaranda Ene, Case Western Reserve University, (USA)
Sharham Ghanbari, sociological researcher, Paris, (France)
Mark Gasiorowski, Professor, Political Science and International Studies, Louisiana State University, (USA)
Guemiche, professeur de mathematiques, (France)
Fataneh Farahani, Stockholm University, (Sweden)
Mark Fischer, Communist Party of Great Britain (UK)
Bridget Fowler - SAASS, University of Glasgow (UK)
Charles Fox, Consultant, Northampton General Hospital, (UK)
Des Freedman, Goldsmiths, University of London, (UK)
Bill Fletcher, The executive editor of The Black Commentator, (USA)
Ali Asqhar Haj-Sied-Javadi, Writer/ political activist, (France)
Betty H. Fussell, writer (USA)
Mahmood Hakak, Siena College, NY, (USA)
Amir Hassanpour, University of Toronto, (Canada)
Robert Heimer, professor, Yale University School of Public Health, (USA)
David Hesmondhalgh, University of Leeds, (UK)
Hassan Hessam, Poet, (France)
Khalil Hindi, American University of Beirut (Lebanon)
Geoffrey M Hodgson University of Hertfordshire, (UK)
Anton Holberg, political activist (Germany)
Ted Hiscock, doctor, general practitioner, Birmingham (UK)
Laura Hope, Loyola University New Orleans, (USA)
Assad Jalali, University UCU, Swansea, (UK)
Carla Jodice, University of Rome, Tor Vergata (Italy)
Houshang Keshavarz – Sadr, Researcher and former head of anthropology section, Tehran University. Paris
Mansour Khaksar, Poet, (USA)
Nasim Khaksar - writer, (Netherlands)
Esmail Khoi, Poet & critique, (UK)
Mehdi Kia, Political Activist, (UK)
Kianoosh, Writer, New York (USA)
Mehdi Khorrami, New York University (USA)
Joanne Landy, Co-Director, Campaign for Peace and Democracy (USA).
Moshé Machover, professor, Kings College, University of London, (UK)
Banafsheh Madaninejad, University of Texas at Austin,(USA)
Bahman Maghsoudlou, Writer/Filmmaker, (USA)
Adeline Masquelier, Professor, Director, Religious Studies Program, Department of Anthropology, Tulane University (USA)
Yassamine Mather, Glasgow University, (UK)
Philippa Matthews, doctor, general practitioner, London (UK)
Mike Macnair, St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford and CPGB (UK)
Mohsen Makhmalbaf, filmmaker (France)
Ardeshir Mehrdad, Writer /Researcher (UK)
Robert Milgrom, Professor and Co-chair, Humanities and Sciences Department, School of Visual Arts. NY, (USA)
Emad Mirmotahari, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of English, Tulane University (USA)
Behrooz Moazami, Loyola University New Orleans, (USA)
Nasser Mohajer, Writer and researcher, (France)
Bagher Mo’meni, Historian, (France)
Manijeh Moezi, doctor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, (USA)
Farshid Moghimi, Strayer University, (USA)
Haideh Moghissi, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, York University, Toronto, (Canada)
Shahrzad Mojab, University of Toronto, (Canada)
Freshteh Molavi, Writer, (Canada)
Craig N. Murphy, Wellesley College, Massachusetts (USA)
Majid Naficy, Poet, (USA)
Farhad Nomani, Professor American University of Paris (France)
Nasser Pakdaman, Université Denis Diderot, Paris, (France)
Misagh Parsa, Professor, Dartmouth College (USA)
Younes Parsa Benab, Strayer Univesity, (USA)
Simon Pirani - writer Journalist, (UK)
Hannu Reime, Independent Journalist, (Finland)
Rizopoulos, University of Picardie, (France)
Khosrow Shakeri (Chaqueri), Author and Retired Professor of History, Sorbonne University (France)
Mohammad Reza Shalguni, Political activist,
Azar Sheibani, London Metropolitan University Research Institute, (UK)
Amit Singh, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, (USA)
Andrew Smith - University of Glasgow, (UK)
Marianna Spiliotopoulos, McGill University, (Canada)
Hillel Tiktin, professor, University of Glasgow (UK)
Antonio Torroni, professor, Dept. of Genetics and Microbiology, University of Pavia, (Italy)
Jason Toynbee, Open University, (UK)
Kumru Toktamis, Pratt Institute, NY, (USA)
Mehrdad Vahabi, Associate Professor in Economics, University of Paris (France)
Hilary Wainwright – University of Manchester (UK)
Helen Ward, Imperial College London, (UK)
David White, doctor, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (UK)
Colwyn Williamson, University of Wales, (UK)
Mehdi Yousefi, Human rights activist, Washington, USA
Jonathan Zenillman MD, professor, John Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore (USA)

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