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HLS Supplier DHL trashed for Active Slaughter

FLA | 12.06.2008 15:21 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | World

anonymous communique (translation):

"Today as in years past we are living through a violent attack of the speciesist states against fighters for the liberation of animals and the earth. Confinement in apocalyptic prisons is an example of the fact that this movement is growing worldwide and that companies such as HLS fear those hooded saboteurs following them in the streets.

Many have fallen into government cages but one of those many prisoners is the young anarchopunk JJ of the group Active Slaughter in the United Kingdom, arrested in May of last year and accused of conspiring against HLS. The Frente de Liberación Animal de México wanted to show our support to that compañero, so on the night on June 9, spilled paint on the walls and floors of the headquarters of DHL (company linked to HLS), their windows were shattered by strong hammering and they were painted with 'HLS freedom for JJ' and 'Break with HLS.'

Solidarity with imprisoned activists!
For the liberation of animals, humans and the earth!
Down with HLS!


Active Slaughter:

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