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engineered bt soil virus in commercial use

rod | 28.06.2004 19:16 | Bio-technology | Education | Social Struggles | World

it has come to my attention that certain products are available pesticide free and are sold near to and next to organic produce... it has become clear that in some cases these products are maintain and grown with the use of genetically modified bt soil virus's. a batch of them were registered back in 94 and i am sure others have been registerd since. i understand that many were not employed until 97 or later.

i remember than monsanto has been wishing to get organic status for some of its products, are these tomatoes the 'secret' attempt.???? i will attempt to speak with the usda and find out how theses strains are registered and why they are not covered by any labeling laws

you can begin to find info on these gm versions of the bt soil virus by searching on google. if you put in 'engineered bt virus' you get brittish telecom for a bit but then after you scratch deeper below the surface a range of products emerge. i hAve found brief mention of the engineered bt virus in use in water treatment aswell.
the bt soil virus is an integral part of natural organic and permaculture farming and understanding. it is not clear if the engineered virus would appear on the same order list as a traditionl strain or wether there is any labeling at 'point of sale'. i recently notice that an artist was proccessed under some local state law, for a minor infringement of public safety concepts(sf,ca,usa,04). i think that this could represent a much larger issue. and attract a more in depth analysis. i will post this info in more detail when i have got it together and is appropriate.