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Demonstration to save Goldsmiths Nursery 9:30AM 21 June Deptford Town Hall SE14

Nurseries Not Bonuses | 19.06.2010 18:54 | Education | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Demonstration to oppose the closure of the Goldsmiths Nursery, coinciding with a meeting of Goldsmiths Senior Management Team. Children are welcome.



On 8th June 2010, parents and nursery staff were told by a member of Goldsmiths College's Senior Management Team that in 3 months' time, they plan to completely close the college's nursery. Staff and Students have asked for an enquiry into the handling of the whole matter. Meetings informing staff and students were only announced with 24 hours notice. The timing of the closure for September leaves staff and students with no childcare provision and some term time only staff with almost immediate dismissal.

Our petition, which can be signed at the following link, will be delivered on Monday morning.

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