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Urgent Prisoner Solidarity Requested

Prisoner Solidarity Now! | 26.09.2005 22:47 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

New Denunciation From Political Prisoners Currently Being Held In A French Prison:

New Denunciation From Political Prisoners Currently Being Held In A French Prison: Urgent Solidarity Requested!

Greetings To Everyone,

The Rats have given birth to Cockroaches. Yesterday the Prison Assistant Director call me to inform me that Monsieur le Procureur of the République is opposed to the prisoners regrouping as we and our lawyers demanded. They are also opposed to internal communications with our respective partners. The only form of contact is through the mail.

This can only be explained as a miserable type of vengeance for our continuous denunciations that we made against these particular methods under the direct instruction of Judge Jean-Lois Bruguiére and the trial set-up that we have been submitted to at the request of the Spanish Civil Guard.

The French Judicial system is trying to avoid that the accused could conclude amongst them each of their declarations in the interrogation rooms and so to manipulate any possible proofs.

In fact their own hypocrisy reveals them. To disguise these illegal activities they have had to put a touch of “generosity” to the matter and to lift the sanctions on our mail. It is to say that we are not allowed to talk amongst ourselves but they allow us to write to each other which at the end of the day is another form of talking.

Where is the juridicial logic to keep up with the rest of the sanctions? Nowhere! It is the curtain opening of the second act of the jurdicial farce.

The third is the trial. And it is more than obvious that they are not going to give us any option for our defense. During three years the judge Bruguiére has kept us isolated and incommunicado, helpless to defend ourselves.

Now the Procureur of the République doesn’t give us either, not even the option to prepare a minimal defense. At the trial, logically, we can only await crucifixion.

So, there we go, protest and mobilization, mobilization and denunciation. There is no other way. We count on all your support.

Joaquín Garrido González - Militant of the PCE (r) - Now 23 years in prison.

Fresnes, August 2005


On November 16th 2005 at 9am, it will start in the Palais (Paris) the trial of the comrades arrested in July 2002. There are going to be nine sessions that will take place on Wednesdays (mornings), Thursdays and Fridays (evenings), until December 2nd 2005.

Show your support Now! Organize solidarity protests in your country against the French repressions. Stop the Brutality! End the Show-Trails Against Political Hostages!

Plan Days Of Action During The Above Trail Dates Now!
They Are Not Alone! Please Forward Details!

Prisoner Solidarity Now!


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