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Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion: General Strike, Friday

MR | 09.12.2008 18:15 | Education | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Here are some more snapshots of the debates and actions that are continuing across Italy. Also important is the discussion that comes from the Wave re: the murder of Alexis in Athens last weekend and Greek plans for education reform. Not only this but the actions around house occupations in Rome and the idea to re-occupy the recently evicted Horus social centre.

General Strike poster Rome Dec 12th 2008
General Strike poster Rome Dec 12th 2008

This Friday 12th December: General Strike. The poster about the demonstration organized by the Wave in Rome is out now, and it looks good! The demonstration starts from the main entrance of Sapienza, piazzale Aldo Moro, at 9 a.m (Rome).

On Saturday 6 December, Alexandros, a 15-year old student, was murdered with a bullet in the chest by a cop in the area of Exarchia in Athens. In response to this, riots erupted in the streets Athens, Thessaloniki and elsewhere, and seem to be still going on.

In Italy, the Wave has been paying attention to these events. For example in Bologna, people from the social center TPO occupied the Greek consulate on Tuesday morning (pictures).

Global Project has published an interview with Fani from the Anti-authoritarian Movement in Thessaloniki.

Fani says all the political parties are asking the government to resign. There have been big demonstrations every day, and all the associations and unions have expressed their solidarity.
The government has been pushing for a reform on education.

In Greece exists a kind of “political asylum” in the university, which dates back to 1974. This is a consequence of the brutal clashes between students and the dictatorship, in which more than 50 people were killed by the army. So, this “political asylum” was a concession from the part of the successive democratic government. Now they are trying to break off this pact. Seems that it’s not valid anymore: the cops have already shot tear gas to an occupied university.

So, there is rage also because of this. And there is a lot of rage towards the government because of poverty and because of this economic crisis. People were waiting for a point of rupture to take to the streets and this has happened.

Through the mainstream media, they are trying to calm things down by naming the protesters anarchists. But the truth is that there are thousands of people in the streets and not only people who could be defined as “evil anarchists”.

We are continuing the mobilizations. Students continue to organise themselves in the faculties against the reform of the education system. But it’s not only about the education reform, it’s also about precarity, police brutality… People don’t believe in the government anymore.

There’s also a communication in English from the occupied polytechnic university of Athens.

Saturday 6 December 2008: a new house occupation in Rome. About 200 people occupied a house at Via Vigne Nuove 36.

The action was done by Blocchi Precari Metropolitani (BPM). In English it would be “Metropolitan Precarious Block” (roughly!)

There are thousands of unlet habitations in Rome - 120.000 according to one estimation, 270.000 according to Eurispes.

Now one of these was liberated, thanks to direct and self-organized action of families, migrants, precarians.

BPM wanted to put the struggle for housing and against precarity in the center of attention and to give a strong and clear signal ahead of the generalized strike of 12 December.

The squatters also launched a message for a campaign to liberate Horus Occupato, a Roman social center which was evicted in October.