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NYE Solidarity Action at Horfield Prison, Bristol

prisoners | 03.01.2010 23:43 | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | World

01 Jan 2010
Horfield Prison, Bristol, UK.

As another decade of neoliberal warfare was ushered in, a group of 20-30 comrades, criminals and low-lifes released fireworks into the grounds of Horfield Prison. Slogans were painted on the fortress walls. Loud noise was made.

This act of solidarity was intended to show those locked up inside, whilst the rest of the city was celebrating the new year, that they were not forgotten.

Many other cities across Europe and the rest of the world experienced similar acts of solidarity to those incacerated, whatever their 'crime' might be.

Inside and outside of those walls we are all prisoners. Fire to the prisons. Death to imperialism. Solidarity with all people and communities resisting the onslaught of planetary control and exploitation that is industrial civilisation.



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