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UG#574 - Occupy Wall Street Special (Hip Hop Audiocollage)

Robin Upton | 21.10.2011 14:57 | Occupy Everywhere | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Sheffield | World

A special show this week devoted to Occupy Wall Street. How to make a show of interest both to OWS attendees and to those who know next to nothing about it? Inspired by the popularity of episode 536, we give you an audio collage including live radio interviews with participants and local residents, video soundtracks, historic material and quite a lot of music.

ug574-hour1mix.mp3 - mp3 27M

ug574-hour2mix.mp3 - mp3 27M

One month in, the Occupy Wall Street movement, in spite of an attempted news blackout by commercially controlled media, is off to an auspicious start. This show is a representative selection of the material I found, and concludes with my own contribution to the OWS vision in the form of a JFK speech about the OWS movement (comparison with his 1963 speech on racial discimination may prove illuminating).

A different format of show this week, inspired by the popularity of episode 536 I thought I'd make another audiocollage. This is roughly in chronological order, and starts off rather newsy, with simple reporting of what went on in Wall Street and how it felt. Later we hear opinion from commentators such as Chris Hedges and Slavoj Žižek, interspersed with a mixture of music (mainly political hip hop) overlaid with soundtracks from videos of OWS by participants and reporters. To see the videos for yourself, see the list of contents below.

In any case, I urge you to stay non-violent even as the psychopathic control freaks and their minions do their best to provoke you. As Luke Rudkowski remarks, each act of gratuitous violence erodes what little remains of the machine's credibility. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they violently oppose you, then you win.

As usual, I encourage you to think big -- personally, I am thinking about a full scale replacement of the money system. Is the abolition of wage slavery any more radical a demand than the abolition of slavery? Others may suggest that ceasing the US imperial wars is a high priority. If the Occupy movement goes global, closing all military activity and a worldwide ban on the production and trade in weapons of death and torture would seem like a suitable goal.

Music: Various singles from Miseducation of The Masses by ThaTruth, Tuolomne and Big Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder, Toast to The Dead by Immortal Technique, The Revolution will not be Televised by Gill Scott Heron, Occupation and We are Everywhere by David Rovics, Dreamers by Lowkey, Carried Away by Akala, World Citizen by Babar Luck, The People, United Will Never be Defeated (instrumental) by Charlie Haden, Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven and various other snippets.

Thanks to Jack R. Johnson of Hidden Histories, Fred Nguyen, Democracy Now,, Building Bridges, the Dissident Islanders and all those OWS Uploaders

As usual, the media used to make this show are available from its webpage:

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