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Reclaim the Cowley Rd Carnvial on Sunday

Not the Cowley Rd Carnival | 01.07.2011 08:20 | Culture | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Oxford

Are we happy with the officially sanctioned corporately sponsored festival in the park and paying to see commercial musicians? Don't we miss the localness and simple vibe of the Cowley Rd Carnival? If David Cameron wants us to have street parties, why don't we just have them?

Our carnival's been stolen ... let's steal it back!

It appears that the Cowley Rd Carnival has ended up up a blind alley, the now festival in the park, that has nothing to do with the original spirit of the Carnvial, that began as a Reclaim the Streets event, is a cultural kettle, taking away our freedom of expression and right to celebrate in our local community, channelling it into a corporate, council and police sanctioned commercial-fest where we pay to see commercial acts, nodding our heads obediently along to the music, like good little sheep, mind the gap, keep to the right.

Print out this poster and post it around, make your own, place it over the officially sanctioned Carnival posters, that must have cost a packet to produce, tell others about it, get out on the streets on Sunday 3rd in whatever way you can and let's take back the Cowley Rd Carnival.

Not the Cowley Rd Carnival


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