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Communique of the Anarchist Federation of Italy

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Here is a translation of a press release from the communications committee of the Italian Anarchist Federation (whose acronym is FAI from the Italian: FEDERAZIONE ANARCHICA ITALIANA). The press release pertains to the hostile media campaign and repression targeted against the anarchist movement in Italy.

The communications committee of the Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI), in reference to the appearance of the unknown FAI "Federazione Anarchica Informale" (Informal Anarchist Federation) which has claimed responsibility for the explosion at the Via Gerusalemme in Bologna, would like to make the following observations:

· The Italian Anarchist Federation denounces the serious and slanderous attribution of this kind of action to an alleged group whose acronym is identical to its own acronym: FAI - Federazione Anarchica Italiana. Whoever would thus signal out a group of activists for repression is either a police officer or one of their collaborators.

· The Italian Anarchist Federation claims the historical heritage of anarchist organisation in Italy as it has developped from the Congress of Saint-Imier in 1873 through the constitutional congresses of the Italian Anarchist Union in 1920 and the Italian Anarchist Federation in 1945. This organisation is not at all informal, the clarity of the non-central structure of the organization guarantees libertarian and egalitarian methods of decision making.

· The Italian Anarchist Federation reiterates the clear condemnation of bombs, letter-bombs and similar methods, since they can strike randomly and indiscriminately, and also reiterates that these methods resemble more than anything else a plan of deliberate provocation leading to the criminalisation of dissent in the media, at a time when anarchists are already the protagonists of social struggle, of strikes, and of initiatives against the war.

· The Italian Anarchist Federation reminds and reaffirms that the instruments of combat of anarchists and of federated anarchists are visible in public places: social struggles, cooperative bottom-up unions, and in movements in dozens of towns where we participate in public groups, in the open opposition to the ideology of oppression and State terrorism, and and where we work for the construction of a society of liberty and equality.

Reggio Emilia, 28/12/2003



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