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fuck the nazi front

acb | 24.04.2009 02:58 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

the police protect the national front

the fascist national front held a fascist rally with about 50-60 of there goons bussed in from around the country so in opposition protsetrs against the national front decided to hold a rally infront of the fascsts much to the dismay of the police the police who had prior laughing and jokeing with the fascists stood and protected these fascists

one protestor who had decded to wear a balaclaver to stop the fascists identifying him was harrsed by the police climing due to the nature of the demo no masks were allowed they then asked him for his detials to which he refused to give as theyhad no legal rights to ask him

the police point blank refused to take any complliant against the against the fascist demonstrating further illastrang that the plice were not there as poice oficers they were here to protect the fascists

the protests unvalied banners right infron of the fascists while they sang st geoges day songs and once unvalied protest replied in kind shouting scum one and all

one protestor tried to stand directly infron of there nf banner ad the police shoved her and then thy arrested her for a breech of the peace the fascist police hen VIOLENTLY dragged her and twisted her as aplying pressure points while the fascists best come back was arrest all communists

the ammount of force use by the nothumbria police was absolutely disgracefull as she had not been told of what charge she ws be arrested for
th polce arrested this lady then for assaulting a police officer (rubbish)

the fascists rallyed for about a hour - hour 10 then dispresed so then protestors went to show solidarty to comrade illgealy arrested and wnt to protest at etal lane police station the newcastle area command

after the police refused to gie us any details about the comrad protestors decided to go to the back of the police station with the megpphone and telling the comrade there were people there for her she was not alone

the protestors were then threatend with arrest for climbing a tree they said it woulds be criminal dammage this was a joke to the comrade outside the police station as eevryone knew itd never make it to court

todays police has illiastrated what side the police are on today and genral members of the public saw which side he police are on

here is slightly inacurate reprot from today