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Veganarchy zine - looking for submissions

Veganarchy zine | 23.04.2009 00:27 | Animal Liberation | Health | Social Struggles | World

We want your Vegan/Anarchist writings!
The Veganarchy zine is a free, independently published magazine, aka “zine.” It’s purpose is to provide an outlet for creatively-produced content regarding veganism (not vegetarianism), anarchism, and related issues.

Veganarchy is currently soliciting your vegan and/or anarchist content! Your writings, thoughts, opinions, ideas, musings, ruminations, comics, recipes, photos, drawings, etc. are ALL wanted!

Please send submissions to, or if it cannot be sent electronically, to:

Veganarchy Zine
700 E. University Dr. #470
Tempe, AZ 85281

Every submission merits a free copy of the published zine!
Published copies are also available free on request.

Submission deadline for the May/June issue: April 30, 2009.
Prospective release date for the first issue is May 7, 2009

Veganarchy zine
- e-mail:
- Homepage: