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Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign Film Festival: Cinema Palestino!

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign | 24.04.2009 09:11 | Culture | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield | World

cinemaPalestino is a season of films exploring issues that effect us all falling in love, making a home, caring for a family, freedom- but under the shadow of a military occupation that distorts all aspects of daily life for the Palestinian people. cinemaPalestino is a celebration of Palestinian culture through drama and documentary film - despite 60 years of unimaginable oppression, Palestinians have retained a vital, creative and powerful identity. Join us in our celebrations!

* Every Thursday in May and the first Thursday in June

* All Sheffield PSC profits will got to children's projects in Gaza.

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cinemaPalestino, every Thursday in May!
cinemaPalestino, every Thursday in May!

A collaboration between [1]Sheffield PSC, [2]YPCE and [3]The Showroom cinema.

Full programme details from [4]the YPCE website or the Showroom programme.

The opening event, May 7th, 7pm at the Showroom, is an exciting opportunity to hear Haim Bresheeth talk on cultural resistance and film. Haim is a renowned film maker and academic who boycotted an Israeli film festival of which he was asked to be chair, in support of Palestinian film makers not invited to the festival.

This talk will be followed by The USA vs Al-Arian, an award winning documentary, following the struggles of a Palestinian journalist in the USA. Again full details from [5]the YPCE website

Attached a leaflet for the opening event. Please help us by forwarding to friends or print out and distribute at work or clubs etc.



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