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Western Animal Rights Network launched! + Animal Rights Copwatch

WARN | 04.09.2007 14:39 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles

WARN (Western Animal Rights Network) is a coalition for animal liberationists that was originally launched in 2005 but ceased to be after activists moved away from the West. We hope to be a support base for activists and be a gateway into the animal rights movement for people looking to get involved in animal liberation in the West of the UK.

WARN has re-launched with a new website with demo reports, direct action, events, vegan and AR info, campaign materials, clothing and kit for those of us activists who like to out after the sun has gone down.

We will be producing a "Schnews" style double sided A4 newsletter every month and a yearly magazine with all the years actions and loads of info included.

WARN will be active in the following areas and we encourage groups to please help us out with content including demo / action reports (via PGP) not to mention any other content, events or action alerts you want on the site.

* South West England
o Bristol
o North Somerset
o Gloucestershire
o Wiltshire
* West Midlands
o Worcestershire
o Herefordshire
o Shropshire
o Warickshire
o Staffordshire
o Birmingham
o Coventry
o Dudley
o Sandwell
o Solihull
o Walsall
o Wolverhampton
* Wales
o Monmouthshire
o Carmarthenshire
o Glanmorgan
o Breconshire
o Pembrokeshire

With the creation of NETCU and (over)use of SOCPA and other legislation which is making lawful protest near impossible these days we have taken it upon ourselves in conjunction with NETCU WATCH ( to start a blog and post details of illegal police activities and the photos and names / numbers of police officers involved with the crackdown on legal protest. We hope to build an information base which will be available to use as a defence in court.

Check out

And submit your cop pics with any relevant information to

Thanks for the support!

Chris (WARN)

- e-mail: info@
- Homepage:


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