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Western Sahara campaigners meet Foreign Office officials

Free Western Sahara Network | 08.09.2009 09:06 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

A group of campaigners went to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to deliver a letter to David Miliband to demand that the UK government takes swift action to secure the safety of the Oxford Six students. The students were arrested and beaten by Moroccan police whilst on their way to a British Council-sponsored peace workshop.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street

7th September 2009

Dear Mr Miliband

On the 18th anniversary of the ceasefire between Morocco and Western Sahara, instigated on the premise of a free and fair referendum to the right to self-determination for the people of Western Sahara, we are calling on you to take action to end the current impasse, the ongoing human rights crisis in occupied Western Sahara and the exploitation of Saharawi resources.

We are also asking that your government makes strong representations to the Moroccans with regard to the safety and security of the Oxford Six students. These students were denied the right to travel to the UK a conflict-resolution course and concerns for their ongoing treatment at the hands of the Moroccan police are growing.

Human rights monitoring in Western Sahara is essential, and the UK Government must take the lead within the Security Council to ensure their implementation. Furthermore, the EU cannot continue to exploit the resources of Western Sahara, through agreements with Morocco which undermine efforts to find a solution to the conflict.

We are calling on you to use our role within the Security Council to support the Saharawi right to self-determination, end 34 years of repression.

Free Western Sahara Network
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