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Z.A.P. | 20.05.2006 10:20 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London

Infonight at "The Square" social centre from 7p.m
we will show recent video of the repression suffered by the people in San Salvador Atenco and Texcoco on May 3rd and 4th in. followed by open discussion.

In the village of Texcoco, 15 miles away fron San Salvador Atenco thousands of police from Texcoco
municipality, governed by PRD (revolutionary democratic party), with the support of the
mexican state police, governed by PRI (revolutionary istitutional party), and the federal police,
governed by PAN (national action party), moved in to remove street flower sellers,
answering market forces' orders to clear the way for a new WALLMART supestore.
2 month away fom geneal election in mexico the three main parties (PAN, PRI, PRD) are showing their
true intention, they are all responsible for the repression that suffered the population of Atenco
aggession, torture, rape, murder.
Big corporation ordere, politician obey, police and army impose onto the people.

The street flowers seller were members of the Front of the Peoples United in Defense of the Land
(FPDT), a campesino organization based in nearby San Salvador Atenco municipality that grew out of
a successful, very militant struggle in 2001 and 2002 against plans to build a new international
airport for Mexico City on local farmland. They then declared San Salvador Atenco an Autonomous
Since then the FPDT has been an exemple for many in mexico and beyond,
they have been active in help organize different sector of the society in the area surrounding
San Salvador Atenco.
They are also part of the "other campaign", the delegate Zero were in Atenco only weeks before the
attak took place,
people from FPDT spoke in mexico city the 1st of May during event of the other campaign.
now days the "leaders" of the Front of the Peoples United in Defense of the Land are in jail.

Parallel to the june 2006 election campaign in Mexico, grassroots organisations from all over
the country, who put no hopes in a change of government, might it be from the centre,
left or right, set out the so called ' Other Campaign' to organise 'anti- capitalist' grassroots
solutions and set out in a strategic journey to find out practical ways to better the condition of
Mexico's excluded, indigenous peoples and the poor.

The scale of the repression all over Mexico, (an indigenous rappresentative who was going to the
indigenous national congress has been killed in Oaxaca, students from the UNAM are receiving
death treat and are recorded and followed by secret police.......), is showing how much the
government is threatened by people organizing toghether to fill the gap left
by Government which only serve the interest of big businness, selling off land, natural resources
and people future.