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Komedian | 28.04.2011 20:21 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

Camberwell social support network.

Replace the word squats with the phrases community social housing projects, making use of empty properties that are either neglected or empty due to gentrification and have become unaffordable, together with similar spaces being used as community social centres and people's community kitchens, frequented by a diverse demographic of people who wish to challenge the current system and live an alternative, low impact, sustainable life style outside of the constraints of society with regards to procarity. The actions of the police are a clear indication that they have paid little heed to recent debate and discussion regarding the policing of protest, alternative communities and continue to controversially manipulate legislation in order to justify the persecution and intimidation of those that wish to question the system to show that another world is possible.
We are bigger than they can ever imagine. The eviction of occupied properties has little effect on a commitment to bring about social justice and change.