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Resistance in Bristol

Bristolian | 29.04.2011 02:12 | Repression | Social Struggles

Resistance to police state methods and brutality is ongoing in Bristol as a second riot breaks out on Stokes Croft. Police brutally attack protestors at Stokes Croft and rampage as far north as Cheltnam Road, Bishopston (see video). Rioting in St. Pauls as well with Tesco attacked. Prison riot rumoured at Horfield nick.

The resistance has begun! Bristol shows us how it's done - don't go quietly when they come for you!

Do not despair - they can't crush our spirit, and the more they try, the more people they radicalise. I was a cynical middle aged git until a few days ago when the police pulled their shit. Expect hardcore violence - mounted police charged a basically peaceful crowd as they moved down Stokes Croft, instigating a night of rioting. Total repression = total resistance.

Take care folks!

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