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London Social Centres raided

Northerner out of town | 28.04.2011 07:16 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces.

At least two London Social Centres raided - unclear of the legality of the raids at the moment - but illegal or not it's clearly linked to almost certainly false stories about anarchists targeting the wedding tomorrow.

If you can make it down to the Ratstar (298 Camberwell Road) near Camberwell Green or Offmarket (121 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton, Hackney) it would still be good to have a presence there.

Also if you live nearer other spaces it might be good to stay around there in case of a raid.

More news throughout the day...

Northerner out of town