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London Mayday 2011 - A celebration of our strength // Anarchist Public Assembly

Anarchists of London | 30.04.2011 07:51 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

In the winter of 2010 the nation's school and university students showed that it isn't only opinion polls or media corporations that can set the agenda, but also the mass actions of the people. Suddenly the talk changed from how could we best afford this crisis to whether we could actually resist the austerity measures and reject the whole notion of a crisis for us so that the rich can continue rule. What was considered possible, realistic and justifiable was changed: the students had lost their battle but started a war

Note: If you believe that you are wanted by the met police in relation to March 26th - or related demos - then we advise you not to turn up as it will be likely the police will have plain clothes police looking for suspects. We will however stand in solidarity with anyone against state repression - solidarity to those arrested in London, Brighton & Bristol!

On March 26th we faced a real danger of a tiny handful calling a ceasefire on our behalf; in the crowd of 250,000 one voice was already trying to sell 'slightly less cuts at a slower pace'. On Oxford Street and in Mayfair, on Piccadilly and finally in Trafalgar Square thousands of others made their intentions clear: no cuts at any pace – in place of protest, action.

As if a few shirtless drunks had had a row, mouthpieces for the elite quickly called the targeted sabotage and occupations carried out by several organised groups of over a thousand the work of 'mindless thugs'. A principled minority of journalists have already opposed this blatant nonsense, but a real question faces the radicals now: what form does our opposition take next? How do we communicate it? One month ago we walked the walk. Now we have to talk the talk.

We don't think a few broken windows will be the tactic for change any more than pre-approved marches and speechathons. We believe in the direct action of the majority of society against the parasitic minority. The anti-cuts movement is the latest flare up of the fight between employer and employee that has been raging since the beginning of capitalism.

If we believe we can do more than change the agenda, we have to start acting like it – and we have to start saying it. These are our services, these are our workplaces, these are our streets. This is our day.

THIS IS NOT A PROTEST AND THIS IS NOT A BLACK BLOC. This is a day to celebrate ourselves and our struggle together, to take pride in the fight and our ability to carry it out. It's hopefully going to be sunny, wear shorts - bring your friends, families, and co-workers.

London Mayday 2011 - A celebration of our strength // Anarchist Public Assembly
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