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BNP in (yet another) own goal

Ketlan | 20.01.2006 13:25 | Anti-racism | Culture | Social Struggles

BNP inciting criminal damage shock horror etc

BNP in (yet another) own goal

Some Indymedia readers may remember the Gandalf case from about ten years back when the editors of Green Anarchist were jailed for inciting readers to commit criminal damage. Readers will probably also recall other eco-activists and animal-rights activists who have been jailed for much the same thing; all of them for worthy causes.

The British National Party, an unworthy cause if ever I saw one and ever ready to ignore the law of the land, have decided to take a stand and incite its membership and the readers of their website to commit criminal damage in pursuit of their own appalling cause. Presumably, like the Green Anarchists, they're prepared to stick to their principles and go to jail for what they believe.

The BNP have suggested on their ghastly page here:

the following:

'When you next go to the (sic) Tesco/ASDA/Sainsbury's/Morrisons etc., take a handful of Goodfella's pizzas from the freezer cabinet. Don't overdo it! If a few minutes later you decide you do not want these pizzas, the purchase of which is helping to fund anti-white racist filth spewed out by ITV/Granada then just pop the pizzas somewhere else. After 15 mins. they will be partially thawed and supermarket staff encountering these soggy pieces of cardboard will have to bin the items. '

A clear breach of the law from the ever-hypocritical BNP, who claim to be the 'law and order party'.

I'd recommend that all readers of this article contact their local police, and their local and national newspapers to demand that the BNP are done for incitement to commit a criminal act. If nothing else, we'll all get a good laugh when Nick Griffin is re-arrested following the end of his court case. :-)

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