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activist trauma gathering, 4th Feb, London

traumatised activist | 22.01.2006 11:58 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

it's happening, soon...

activist trauma gathering
activist trauma gathering

Saturday 4th February 2006 10am-5pm

The Activist Trauma Network is organising a day of discussion and networking for all who are involved in promoting practical mutual support in activist, campaigning and community groups. This is an ever expanding area, as political work of any kind can be extremely demanding on every level. Many, but not all of us, became involved in this work by having first hand experience of trauma related to activism, police brutality, burn-out, stress-related physical illness and mental health issues. We are planning to discuss our own chosen work in these areas and expand on ideas we may have for projects, make new contacts and give/receive constructive feedback.

Workshops include:

An introduction to the Activist Trauma Network.
"Are we well enough ourselves to do this work?" Discussion. �
"Supervision: what is it"
"Dealing with the mental health system"
"How can we improve the activist-trauma website?"

Please note: This is not a therapeutic event; unfortunately there will be no space for sharing our personal trauma on the day. However, we have plans to do this in the future, so come along if you would like to make it happen. People are encouraged to come for the whole day.


London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel,
London E1 1ES. 0207 377 9088
(Main meeting space is wheelchair accessible).

Vegan lunch provided do bring vegan food to share if you want! This event is free; any donation for the space and food will be appreciated.

We will be going for a cheap local curry in the evening.

traumatised activist


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