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Greek Solidarity protests in Germany get stronger

Now is the winter of our discontent | 13.12.2008 14:14 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

1000 demonstrate in Berlin, small protests all over the country, major protest ahead

As the economy crumbles and prices increase all over Europe, we too raise the price of what it costs to kill one of us.

On Friday late evening more than 1000 marched in Berlin in solidarity with Greek comrades, police brutality and repression in Germany. Small protests of between 20 and up to 200 protesters took place in about ten cities across Germany. During the night there were minor arson attacks across Berlin on banks, cars and garbage bins.

Significantly the protests have not even reached beyond the marginalised radical left, reverberation among a tiny majority over Alexis death didn´t even catch on with the powerfull German antifa movement. There were no meetings or speakers tours with Greek comades.

Nevertheless it seems that protests get stronger. A major national demonstration lies ahead on the Dec 2Oth in Hamburg, but will be limited to the marginalised radical left.

But the broader left plans a day of national protest in Berlin or Frankfurt over the economic crisis later next year.

The bourgeois media voiced fears of Greek riots sparking youths protest in the whole of Europe against the backdrop of a winter of economic crisis and discontent.

Protests are ahead in Berlin again today, tomorrow and the next week in several cities.

"Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of" Greece...

Now is the winter of our discontent