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support anti arms protester in court charged with DISTRESSING POLICE STALKER!

MACKENZIE | 07.05.2007 10:07 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Terror War | South Coast


this tuesday the edo mbm saga grinds on with sussex police trying to FIT UP marcus..apparently the local police stalker/intelligence informer is feeling alarmed and distressed by marcus attending demonstrations seems he cant fulfill his wormy duty,nor take back what he likes to dish out in his 3 faced hes trying to fit marcus up again on behalf of himself and his brethren.plenty of people are allready supporting marcusbut any extra support on the day in court is called for. try to come down to the court at 10.00am. next time it could be me you or any other one of us they try to fit up.if they cant pick marcus of because hes an easy target it makes it harder for them to do it to any of us.extend your support to marcus and come to court on tuesday.