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In Depth G8 Audio Interview with Mark Curtis (WDM)

Indymedia Radio London | 19.05.2005 18:20 | G8 2005 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Social Struggles | London

Mark Curtis Interview (36 mins - 48kbps mono)

Interview with Mark Curtis from the World Devolopment Movement who also wrote Web of Deceit. The detailed interview explains some of the fundamentals of how the G8 works and their aims, and talks about corporate agendas, the truth behind development and debt, protests and campaigns, Bono Geldolf and the Government, the media, as well as Britain's role within the G8.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The interview is available split into 6 parts, encoded at 128kbps for rebroadcast and low bitrate 40kbps for dial-up users at:

Part 1
3.14 mins
what is the G8 ?
how long have G8 been around ?
what are G8 primary concerns ?

Part 2
6.04 mins
who are members ?
how long have meetings been happening ?
what's the difference between what the G8 say and do ?
is there a link between G8 and WB and IMF ?
some examples of G8 decisions ?
what is being decided in the G8 ?

Part 3
6.14 mins
are there issues that G8 leaders can propose on behalf of their public ?
who are the G8 representing ?
why does Tony Blair represent corporations ?

Part 4
6.33 mins
what do governments actually mean when they say... ?
why do people protest against the G8 ?
do the G8 want to destroy democracy ?
do protests achieve anything ?
how can confrontation become a positive force ?

Part 5
7.44 mins
comment on blair / brown / bono's initiatives on Africa?
is it constructive for bob geldof and bono to talk about Africa ?
are the goverment's proposed policies workable ?

Part 6
6.37 mins
do corporations want a world domination agenda ?
are protests and social movements a real threat to the G8 ?

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