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Oxford riots 'misinformation' update

adelayde | 09.08.2011 18:08 | August Riots | Globalisation | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Oxford

Myself and various friends have received all sorts of misinformation today regarding the apparent rioting in Oxford, including riots in Cowley, riots on the Cowley Road, riots in Headington. This isn't quite the story so far as I can see.

The breakout of violence in Oxford, as reported by the BBC seems to equate to two acts: the McDonalds in Headington being set alight by a person who was later arrested, and a car that was set on fire in Barton.

I was on both the Cowley Rd and Headington High Street today and there was no signs of any rioting, or that there had been any, the Headington McDonalds being up by the roundabout at Barton, not really being in Headingon notwithstanding.

On the Cowley Rd I spotted two police officers 'defending' the new Sainsbury's: these officers later seemed to be migrating to protect the Tescos, obviously being egalitarian about their police protection.

Other than that there seems to be nothing doing, so I those rumors of riots are solely that.



Car set on fire not in Barton...

10.08.2011 10:55

... was Barton Road. BBC got that one wrong. So again Headington.



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