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Oaxaca Solidarity Action Report, Berlin

asdf | 01.11.2006 13:07 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Around 100 people gathered today (01/11/06) in front of the Mexican embassy in Berlin to demonstrate solidarity with the resistance movement in Oaxaca, Mexico and to demand an end to the police and (para-)military brutality which has left at least seven dead and over a hundred injured.

The demonstation demanded that the Mexican government, under the control of President Vincente Fox, end the represseion and withdraw the police, military and paramilitary troops from Oaxaca. In addition, it demanded the removal of the governor of Oaxaca who continues to remain in office despite any legitimacy being granted by the people.

Banners were hung, chants and slogans shouted in solidarity with the movement in Oaxaca and denouncing the murderous Mexican police. Red hand prints, resembling blood-stained hands, were printed on the door of the Embassy and fake blood (also from paint) was poured on the Embassy's steps. After the rally officially ended, many of those taking part attemtped to enter the Embassy to register their protest more directly. Several managed to get inside. The police intervened, violently, throwing people down the Embassy's steps and using pepper spray in peoples' faces. As far as this "reporter" knowns, there were no arrests.

A further solidarity action is planned for Saturday 4th November, at 2pm, beginning at Breitscheidplatz near Bahnhof-Zoo.

Solidarity and dignity!



There was also a demonstration yesterday, and two on Monday

01.11.2006 13:19

Yesterday (31/10/06), around 40 people gathered in front of the same Embassy for the same reasons.

Photos from yesterday are available here:

Photos from today will likely follow later.


More from the Demo in Berlin Today (01/11/06)

01.11.2006 17:14

Later on, there was a short demonstration from the Embassy to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) headquarters (who form part of the governing coalition in Germany at the moment) while a delegation of four demonstrators were allowed to speak to the ambassador. The delegation left frustrated.

There was then a second attack on the demonstrators, and at least two were arrested. Two police were injured, one when another police officer accidentally sprayed him in the face with pepper spray. Protesters were harrassed and many of them briefly detained on the street as they tried to leave.

Photos, and a more comprehensive report from today's actions (in German only, however!), can be found here:


Photos from the Demo on Wednesday 1st Nov in Berlin

02.11.2006 15:26

Some photos from the demonstration in Berlin yesterday (01/11/06) are available online here: