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Brad Will and Oaxaca discussion and films

rampart | 01.11.2006 21:13 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Indymedia | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London | World

At the rampART social centre (15 rampart street, London E1 2LA)
this thursday evening (2nd November), from 8pm...

Bradley, 25 October 2006
Bradley, 25 October 2006

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This thursday, instead of the usual thursday night free cinema at the rampART, we'll be screening the last video footage taken by Brad Will before his murder in Oaxaca, Mexico last weekend. The harrowing footage, which now has english subtitles, will be shown along with clips of Brad Will talking about political struggles in the context of radical radio and Indymedia; community gardens, squatting and land; prague, seatle and more.

Additionally we'll be screening videos from solidarity actions for the people of Oaxaca and for Vrad, that have taken place both here in London and elsewhere in the world this week.

There'll also be fresh footage of the unholding events in Oaxaca this week as the Mexica military have moved in and hopefully also some films covering the background and other uprisings taking place in Mexico.

Please come along a join the discussion. Hopefully we can lay the ground work for additional actions in solidarity with Oaxaca and in protest of the killing of Brad Will and the others this week.

That's 8pm at the rampART, off commerical rd (E1 2LA)



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  1. To Brad's family and friends — bub