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Update on Mexican Embassy arrests at Oaxaca/Brad solidarity demo, Wednesday 1st

maqui | 01.11.2006 14:23 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London

The eight people arrested at the demonstration held outside the Mexican Embassy in London on the 30th of October, have just been released today wednesday 1st November.

I have just spoken to one of those held for almost 48 hours in Saville Row police station in Central London. He confirmed that all those arrested on Monday night have finally been released between 1 and 2pm today, although they all face two different charges under the Section 5 and 14 of the Public Order Act. These relate to 'harrassment' and 'defiance to comply' to police conditions whilst at a demonstration.

They will all face a court hearing on the 15 of November at 10m, City of Westminster Magistrates' Court motherwise known as Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court. Address:

70 Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2AX
0845 601 3600
city ok 10am

They are now in high spirits and relieved to be outside, although they claim that the repression going on in Oaxaca is nothing compared with spending almost two days in a police cell in London, and thus they hope people will continue to mobilise in support of the people struggling in Oaxaca.

"Tod@s somos Oaxaca!"




01.11.2006 15:21

bueno, no se si entiendo bien, y nos alegramos mucho que tod@s l@s compas de london esten por fin libres. pero claro que aunque no es o mismo la carcel que la barricada pero reconocerlo impresiona. esta guerra es de tod@s l@s rebeldes del mundo. la solidaridad se siente.

un abrazo combativo desde oaxaca.

por nuestra gente en lucha, por nuestros muertos. con los compas que ponen el cuerpo. hasta la victoria! siempre.

fuera el capitalismo ! URO fuera !


tod@s somos oaxaca!

Translation of the Comment above

Nice one, even though I am not sure if I understood it alright, we are very happy that all compas (comrades) from London are finally released. And although it is true that it is not the same a prison cell than a barricade (in Oaxcaca), for this compas to acknowledge it is impressive. This is a war of all rebel people in the world. Solidarity is heartfelt.

Combative hugs from Oaxaca.

This is for our people in struggle, four our dead. With the compas that put their bodies in the struggle. Until the victory, always.

Down with Capitalism! Down with URO!


We are all Oaxaca!




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