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Reports from Oaxaca (and what to do)

radio relay | 02.11.2006 16:46 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | London | World

Latest updates via irc - and details for action

The fascist elite are wipping their arse with the autonomy of the university statutes like they do with the constitution and any HHRR agreements, environmental, etc. Its a war there, in Mexico, a civil war: the poor against the rich and their suporters; the people against global capitalism...

But the PFP is not in the university-ground yet... the army is outside the university with armed paramilitaries shooting in Oaxaca. The "good thing" about Mexico, but particularly about Oaxaca, is that the army and power only have to put on civilian clothes and take their weapons and kill your motherand that is "the spearhead" of repression and WHAT are legal agreements and papers going to do against that?

The solidarity of Indymedia UK and people in Dalston and hundreds like them is much more powerfull than the international declaration on Human Right of the United Nations, more than the Mexican Constitution - that is what is holding back a massacre in oaxaca: you are part of that ... or part of the problem. Call the embassy:

The Ambassador Juan José Bremer de Martino
Mexican Embassy to the United Kingdom
16 St. George Street
Hanover Sq.
London W1S 1LX
tel. +44 (0)20 7499 8586
fax. +44 (0)20 7495 4035

IF, IF, IF they break into the uni and people from the surrounding rural areas, cipo, etc come to support, people who are not so good mannered and disciplined as the APPO citizens - that will be the end of nonviolence and the begining of a carnage.

And, did you know, Mexico holds the presidency of the UN human rights council?! Have a look at this: and this: - there are the contacts of Mexico HHRR and WB/IMF multiratelar representatives there.

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Fax Away!

02.11.2006 19:52

You can send faxes free and (I think) anonymously on

Lets flood the bastards until they turn the fax machine off.


Fax Fiend