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Mexican embassy covered in symbolic blood

solidarity with oaxaca | 02.11.2006 13:54 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London | World

On Wednesday night, London activists threw red paint to symbolise the blood of the people of Oaxaca on the walls, stairs and doors of the Mexican Embassy

In solidarity with the resisting people of Oaxaca
In protest against the Mexican state repression
In remembrance of Roberto López Hernández, Brad Will, Jorge Alberto Beltrán

On Wednesday night, individuals supportive of the popular struggle in Oaxaca and in opposition to the state's wholesale assault on the community visited the Mexican Embassy in St George Street, London. Balloons filled with red paint were lobbed at the Embassy's walls, doors and stairs, with the symbolic blood spattered across the building's facade.

There were no arrests.

However, it wasn't possible to take any photos. If somebody manages to get any images, please upload them here.

There will be a further demonstration today at 5pm outside the Embassy

solidarity with oaxaca


photos (taken N2 1700)

06.11.2006 15:19

Throwing paint's one thing, but I was shocked to see someone had the defaced the Embassy's steps with the Daily Mail...