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help needed to repeal socpa law

rikki | 13.12.2006 01:15 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

the serious organised crime and police act bans 'unauthorised' protest near parliament. baroness miller has had the first reading in the house of lords of her bill to repeal it. please help publicise this, and let the bbc know it's an issue that's important to you.

Baroness Miller's bill to repeal socpa will receive second reading in
the Lords on 26th January. I don't know how to drum up support for
this with her colleagues (will try to find out more.... does anyone
else know how to do this?) but she is asking for support via the BBC as
the Today programme is running a vote for the most unhelpful piece of

Here is the link and the info - not sure when the cut off is for BBC
vote - so vote today


The 2006 Today Programmevote is 'The Christmas Repeal'.
We want you to suggest a law which you think should be scrapped.

Which is Britain's least useful or most damaging law? If possible, be
specific. Our panel of politicians (across the spectrum) and
legislation experts will sift your nominations to come up with a
shortlist of six.

That shortlist will go to a vote and, on New Year's Day, we'll
announce the winning - or, more accurately, losing - law. At the very
least, we hope, we'll fuel debate. But we'll also see whether any
politician is brave enough to take the views of Today listeners to the
House of Commons.

Who knows where it might lead? Watch this space.

Or you can submit your idea by post:
The Christmas Repeal
Today Programme
BBC Radio 4
Room G630, Stage 6
Television Centre
Wood Lane
W12 7RJ

"Why, of course, the people don't want war.... that is understood.
But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the
policy and it is always a simple matter to drag people along..... voice
or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the
leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are
being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and
for exposing the country to greater danger. It works the same way in
any country". Reich-Marshall Hermann Goering, 18th April 1946
during the Nuremberg Trials.

- e-mail:


acknowledgement ot mark barrett

13.12.2006 01:34

the above piece was penned by mark barrett from the group - he was one of the founders of the anti-socpa campaigning picnics which are held on parliament square every sunday afternoon.
i'm simply forwarding on the info! and i've voted on the bbc site - have you?


Important clarification - what to vote for.......

14.12.2006 02:08

In response to Mike d’s comment on the parts of SOCPA that deal with ‘unauthorised’ demonstrations – the answer is

SOCPA Sections 132 –138 (Demonstrations in the vicinity of Parliament)

Whilst many would want to see the whole of socpa repealed for a variety of reasons, not least the changes in the power to arrest – the request for BBC votes refers to the above sections of SOCPA. These sections are the subject of Miller’s EDM and Brian Haw’s current case that rikki is so ably reporting on.

Here’s the link again

Sections 132-138 of SOCPA were specifically drafted to remove Brian from the pavement. David Blunkett went on record to admit that, saying something along the lines of ‘You may say it’s a sledgehammer to crack a nut – but he is a nut’

So vote for Brian, vote today.

susan bailey


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