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Save Ungdomshuset!

Jim | 13.12.2006 02:01 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles

Ungdomshuset, a 24 years old radical social centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, is being evicted to make way for a right-wing homophobic Christian organisation who have illegally purchased the building, after the local government had given it to the social centre following a campaign by the locals.

Ungdomshuset translates roughly as House of the Youth. While it is not explicitly anarchistic, it has always had a history of radicalism. Lately, following the illegal sale of the building, the social centre has become decidedly more anarchist, with supporters coming in from all over Denmark and even from the surrounding countries.

The eviction date is set at Wednesday the 13th of December, although like with any other major eviction, the struggle could continue for weeks. They say that the best form of support is for people to turn up and fight.

Ungdomshuset English Homepage:

Ungdomshuset Showdown Trailer:




13.12.2006 13:57

the raid has been delayed further, from the time of this post (14:55 december 13th 06) there are 18 hours 3 mins and 48 seconds remaining.
I will be there personally, if anyone wishes to join, i will take you there and try to keep enuff supplys to give them one helluva fight..

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13.12.2006 19:21

i just recieved word that the police have delayed the raid indefinetly, due to the lack of police officers..

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the first fight

17.12.2006 02:54

today we, about 600 protestors or so, where demonstrating as the police suddenly showed up in the area of ungdomshuset, people immediately responded by charging at the police, wich after 2 hours of fighting ended with the police retreating.
They did take a heavy beating, with 4 men down and picked up in ambulances, while we only lost 2, one wich did a self inflicted injury as an explosive went off in his hands and blew most of them off, including all of his fingers. Tactics where black bloc, we used molotovs, homemade grenades, baloons with paint, fireworks and powerful rockets, and different types of melee weapons. I believe we did shock them today, and i have word that their next attempt to strike will be beetween christmas and newyear, this is not to be trusted though.

I'd say it was a victory.

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