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Catholics breach the exclusion zone to read out more names of Iraq victims

Good on Pax Christi! | 28.12.2005 18:09 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London | World

Members of Pax Christi today today risked arrest by assembling outside Downing Street and reading out the names of Iraqi children and British servicemen killed in Iraq

The government's ban on free speech is looking increasingly shaky as another unauthorised protest went ahead inside the exclusion zone without any effort by the Police to arrest the participants:

Pax Christi's British chairman Stuart Hemsley told the BBC News website he read out the names of 29 British soldiers with children, who had been killed in Iraq.

The group also picked out the names of 50 Iraqi children aged five and under.

"We had no problems from the police whatsoever, they just stood there looking stony-faced. It was as if we weren't there.

"I am not disappointed I have not been arrested but I wonder if this will now set a precedent."

He said the group of 15 wanted to pray and worship at the seat of power in the hope they would continue to raise awareness of the situation in Iraq.

Good on Pax Christi!