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poor and partialy we will take your baby into care

stephenc | 20.08.2007 18:37 | Health | Repression | Social Struggles

A couple living in calderdale council area are being threatened to have there unborn baby snatched from them at birth.

child snatchers
child snatchers

Vanessa and Martin Brookes are due to have there first baby in the next few weeks,because they are poor and Vanessa is partialy sighted social services are taking there baby into care as soon as it is born.presumably to give to a childless middle class couple . The scandel is terrible,Councils have adoptions targets to get govt money.The idea was introduced to find adoptions for the 12+ age group,but to "make up the numbers" to reach there millions of pounds payments from central funds they are turning to the poor.

Listen to there recording of social services that was secretly services are going to court as it breached the data protection act(Climate change.....were you asked to be recorded by the FIT ?) They want the recording removed from the web site.

We are planning a glue in ...climb on....paint...demo this wed/thurs outside calderdale council offices..please listen and support


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