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Defend Meanwhile Gardens

WestWayDotTV | 18.08.2007 02:47 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

David Cameron is piggy in the middle as local community gardens come under attack from local authority.

A community based volunteer space, Meanwhile Gardens, in under threat from the
local council. They plan to put a block of luxury (800k plus) apartments on one of
the area's few green spaces. Ironically David Cameron, who lives less than 10
minutes away has - despite his public wearing of greenish ideas- point blank
refused to intervene in the dispute. This is just the latetest chapter in an
ongoing saga with K&C whom anyone would think is systematically pursuing a policy of social engineering not dissimilar to the one Westminster were proved to have had.

Kensington & Chelsea will be a place to watch. There'll be a number of highly
controversial stories with national implications coming out from here in the
following months.

There's a very interesting and passionate interview with the local Labour councillor
Pat Mason on the website WestWay.TV.

Please take a look and if you like it feel free to let other people know.

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