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Object to the BNPs "festival"

Marie Warner | 03.05.2008 18:29 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

The deadline for objections to the BNPs "Red White & Blue" summer festival is THURS MAY 7TH. Everyone is encouraged to object to a license being granted to this fascist rally, being held in rural Derbyshire from 15-17 August.

The BNP hold their annual "summer festival", the "Red White and Blue", on a farm in Amber Valley, Derbyshire, owned by clapped-out local fascist Alan Warner. They have applied to Amber Valley council for a licence for alcohol and entertainments.

Two things for anti-fascists to do:

1. Object to the licence NOW! Email to :, quoting ref 08/00518/PRLIC. (Warner's application is for land at The Bungalow, Codnor-Denby Lane, Denby Village, Ripley, DE5 8PT.). Reasons to oppose the licence might be public order worries, sowing racial hatred in the area, etc.

2. If the licence is granted, or it goes ahead unlicenced, there will be a large mobilization against the RWB. Put the date in your diaries now, and be there! (For more info see

We will fight this event!

Marie Warner


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