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Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action Plans Peace Campaign

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign | 05.08.2008 19:23 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | London | World

Under constant siege by police at both gates of the Kingsnorth protest site, the Camp for Climate Action campaigners are busy planning ahead for the Day of Mass Action on Saturday when there will be two major events taking place.

There are two separate groups at the climate camp preparing for the mass action.

Large numbers of activists including Earth First! and road protesters from the 1990s plan to attempt to close down Kingsnorth power station.
Peace campaigners who want to engage in more fluffy action are working together under the banner of the Orange Group, and they are helping prepare to lend their support to the kids' bloc.

The Children of the Eco Warriors are discussing their own plans to hold another Children's Revolution using the slogans "The Kids Are Revolting!" and "The Children Are the Future".

An urgent call out is being made by the student environmental charity People and Planet, for members of the major NGOs to come and help occupy the site for an afternoon of fluffy action on the day.
It is possible there will be a youth peace conference of children, teenagers, and students to discuss their own concerns about the survival of future generations, together with a kids' disco.
The Children of the Eco Warriors would like to invite all their friends to come and join them for a day of positive action to try to save the human race from extinction.

They are hoping that Rinky Dink and the Rhythms of Resistance and the Clown Army and Angel and Sunshine (07948155207) will be joining them soon at the Kingsnorth Camp for Climate Action.

Anyone who can do so is welcome to help spread the word to everyone who would like to support the Children's Revolution, and make the Day of Mass Action a day to remember.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign
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