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bowl court evicted!?

cripes | 07.08.2008 19:41 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

i just received the following information on an email list.

it seems to suggest that the bowl court social centre has been evicted this morning..

Bowl Court Evicted This Morning - Call Out For Help

This morning at 7am, 40 high court bailiffs have evicted the Bowl Court
squat in Shoreditch. It is located in Bowl Court which is up Plough Court
next to the junction of Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street.
Please come around - help needed urgently !

The place was squatted three weeks before the April2008 initiative to
serve as an autonomous space for the event, it hosted a squatters estate
agency, several workshops and art exhibitions.